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Battle of the Bighorn Rules


  • Horse and rider must be entered & paid before points count!
  • An entry fee of $20.00 and  entry form must be completed before points will count!
  • You must spell horse and riders names the same for each race for points to count!
  • 4 races will count towards Battle of the Big Horns! “Buffalo” Saturday & Sunday, and “Thermopolis Saturday & Sunday"
  • NO Substitutions of and kind will be accepted! Horse or rider!
  • In case of any ties a coin flip will decide winner!
  • All results and standing can be found on under Battle of the Bighorns!
  • Kick Em Up Cans has the right to refuse any entry!
  • Must be present for awards! We don’t ship!
  • All entered in the Battle of  the Big Horns will have an * by their name. If you don’t see the * please  let the office know as soon as possible!
  • No refunds.
  • Awards will also be given 1st through 10th place!
  • 1 -10 points will be given in every D. Example: First race 2nd 1D you will receive 9 pts. Next race 3rd 3D you will receive 8pts. Giving you 17pts total! You must be entered in Battle of the Big Horns to receive points!
  • Points given: 1st 10pts, 2nd  9pts, 3rd 8pts, 4th 7pts, 5th 6pts, 6th 5pts, 7th 4pts, 8th 3pts, 9th 2pts,  10th, 1pt. 
  • You don’t have compete in all races to be eligible for saddle!

Points will only be awarded in the Open 4D!